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The HeadShot Spot™ takes the stress out of your corporate portraits!



Why Does YOUR Company NEED Professional Headshots?


  • Email Signatures 
  • Intranet
  • Website "About Us" or "Meet Our Staff" Pages
  • Business Proposals
  • Profile Picture for Contact Info


If your employees don’t have a good portrait, you’re not leaving a good first impression with potential clients or business partners. These people need to know that you are three things: friendly, trustworthy, and professional. What better way to demonstrate that than through an amazing profile photo?


It doesn’t matter what is written in a profile, no one is going to take you seriously if the photo has been taken by an amateur...



What can I do with my professional portrait?


  • Email Signatures - Think of the last time you had written correspondence with someone you didn't know. Remember wondering what that person might look like on the other end of the phone? It's something we just do without thinking about it! By adding a friendly, professional photograph in your email signature, it helps whoever is on the receiving end to relate to you quicker, and builds rapport instantly.


  • Intranet - Staff of medium to large size companies are always sending messages to each other throughout the day. Adding associate portraits to those messages helps in those awkward moments of asking your co-worker, "Who is this person?" by associating the name with a face instantly.


  • Website "About Us" or "Meet Our Staff" Pages - Probably one of the most beneficial uses of executive portraits. Strangers LOVE to know who they are either talking with, or who they have set up a meeting to see. Viewing a well photographed portrait takes away any preconceived ideas of what the person looks like. Imagine having emailed someone named Val, expecting to meet a young woman who you thought was called Valerie...only to find that it was an older gentleman who had shortened his given name, Valentine. It happens ALL the time! Whether we mean to or not, we paint our own picture as to what a stranger looks like, based on a phone or email conversation.



  • Business Proposals - Another great way to beat out the competition is with a friendly portrait of the sender of a proposal. Again, it's about rapport. Enough said!


  • Profile Picture for Contact Info - All of our smart phones have the ability to add a photo to our contact card. As you meet new prospects and share your contact information, have a professional portrait of yourself instead of the recent selfie you took. You'll truly stand out from the crowd!


We Make Your Head Shots Fun!

  • Get pampered! Let us relieve some of your stress by bringing makeup artists. Not only does it help relax the person to be photographed, but it makes for a much better looking portrait. Our makeup artists are totally dialed into how much makeup is needed for a portrait, and they always go the extra mile.


  • Hey, DJ! Turn it up! Yes, we bring our own tunes!! Using our Bose speaker, we can provide your company with just the right atmosphere. Since every business is different, we cater the music medley to you!


  • Let them eat their cake! After each session, the person being photographed will be able to view and choose the image(s) they would like, and toss the ones that hate! If they bring a flash drive to their session, we'll save it right on there for them.


Use The HeadShot Spot™ To Increase Your Customer Base

  • Yes, your company can use the HeadShot Spot to draw clients, or schmooze the ones you have! Say you're a mortgage company...set up a day of head shots at your office and invite your real estate database. Pour some mimosas and coffee, have some finger food and snacks, and they'll be putty in your hands! They won't believe you gave them this service for free, and you'll have an edge over the other guys...... Ummm....You're welcome!


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The HeadShot Spot™ is owned and operated by Neil Gates Photography, which was established in 1998. Neil loves all kinds of photography, but says that the HeadShot Spot™ is just a ton of fun! "We strive to capture the perfect portrait. If someone doesn't like what we've got, we'll just keep going until we have a winner! We know that taking photographs is like going to the dentist for some...and we want you to be thrilled with your portrait, not just happy. We also want the experience to be a fun one, and the makeup and music really help with that..." - Neil Gates


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