HeadShot Spot™ FAQ


Please feel free to call or email with your questions!




Q. Where are you located?

A. We are based out of the Naperville/Plainfield area, about 30 miles west of Chicago


Q. Do you provide headshots at meetings or conventions?

A. Absolutely! Please see our page for meetings


Q. Do you travel anywhere?

A. Absolutely! We've done head shots in numerous cities around the country, mostly for meetings or conventions.


Q. Do you work with small companies of five employees or less?

A. Yes. No job is too small! Just refer to the pricing.


Q. Do you provide makeup artists?

A. Yes, upon request. We recommend using makeup since those artists know how to deal with camera lighting, and what will look best. The ratio of artists to photographers should be 2:1, since the makeup process takes longer. Makeup artists general run around $200 for a half day, and $350 for a full day.


Q. How long does the process take?

A. We ask that you schedule 4 people in a 30 minute block. If one isn't quite ready, we can take the next one. Please print out your schedule with the full names, and email an Word or Excel file.


Q. We have a lot of employees, do you do them all in one day?

A. Depending on your available space, we can have two or more photographers. One photographer can handle up to 56 sessions during the day. If you have staff on rotation (like hospitals), we can set up on multiple days.


Q. How soon do we see the photographs?

A. Each person being photographed will have the ability to view their images right on the spot. They can delete and save as many as they like.


Q. Do you do retouching, or "Photoshop"?

A. Yes, in most cases a little artwork will be done to most images. We try to take care of any blemishes, crows feet, wrinkles and eye bags.


Q. Can the subject being photographed get a copy of the photos?

A. For sure! They might like to use it for LinkedIn or Facebook. Just have them bring a USB flash drive to their session.


Q. How do we get the images?

A. Typically, once the job is done, we will upload the photographs to an external hard drive or USB flash drive that you provide. 


Q. I have other questions, how do I reach you?

A. Either here, or you can call or text Neil at 630-528-0497. Email is neilgphoto@gmail.com