Make Money With HeadShots

How To CREATE REVENUE With HeadShots!


Meeting Planners...This is for YOU!


Offering FREE headshots to all those attending your show is a HUGE gift!

Attendees will fall over backward thanking you! They just won't believe that they received this service at absolutely no cost to them!


Everyone Needs a Great Social Media Portrait!


Generally speaking, getting a headshot takes effort; in fact, it's just completely taxing... First, you have to find a photographer in your area that specializes in that type. That's a lot harder than you might think! Then, you have to carve out the time to do it. On top of that, is the cost. Your average headshot, (that's without a makeup artist, I might add) is upwards up $150, and sometimes more.


As a meeting planner, you are always trying to come up with new ideas, and this is one that has been proven over and over again. PLUS, you can MAKE MONEY!



People like getting free things, and when you give them something that they actually can use, they LOVE it!


It's All About The Experience, Right?

Hopefully, you have read by now that we bring in the best in portrait photographers, as well as the most professional and friendly makeup artists from all over the country!

The HeadShot Spot™ can be as basic or elaborate as you would like. Some like to bring in couches, chairs with charging ports, and even a bar at happy hour time! The most successful Spots are the ones that people can just hang out at.

Attendees will be pampered. Let me stop there. Pampered... when do they ever get pampered? And, don't think this is just for the ladies; men love it too! They may not tell all their friends, but they enjoy it, trust me!

While people are in line, getting their makeup or having their portrait made, The HeadShot Spot™ is also playing "DJ"! Yes, we make sure that the Spot is lively and full of energy with our huge selection and variety of music. This is one of the things that attendees comment on ALL the time! We've even seen people sing and dance!


Let's Get to the "Make Money" Part!

So, You love the idea of having a HeadShot Spot™, but you don't have it in your budget...


The good news about the HeadShot Spot™ is that not only do your attendees love it, but sponsors can't get enough of it!

Sponsors love The HeadShot Spot™!


Many times, sponsors don't really get a whole lot out of their investment. This is a chance for them to really have an engaging experience with their target market.

Instead of Oral B just having a booth at the American Association of Dental Hygienists, why not sponsor the HeadShot Spot? They can still set up a display, give out samples, talk to practitioners and scan badges for leads.

The difference? The HUGE number of people that will WANT to come to their booth! No more dragging people off the floor, or enticing them with silly games or candy (well, toothpaste and floss at the dental shows!)


Here Are Some Key Benefits of Being a Sponsor


  • Prominent signage to The Headshot Spot™ and sponsor’s logo on all printed images
  • Sponsor-provided logo attire on all The Headshot Spot™ personnel
  • Options for sponsors to greet attendees or help them pose and select photos
  • Networking opportunities with a captive, appreciative audience
  • "On the spot" 4x6 prints with sponsor information (creates a huge buzz around the show, resulting in more visits to the HeadShot Spot™!)


Now, let's get you a sponsor and book that HeadShot Spot™!


By this point, you may be wondering how much the HeadShot Spot™ costs, and how much money can you make? The HeadShot Spot™ starts at $1700, and how much you mark it up is up to you! Obviously, the more you can offer the sponsor, the more you can charge! Just give us a call and we can discuss your event, and come up with a plan that works for you.


2017 Special...Book in January, and Receive 2016's Prices!


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The HeadShot Spot™ is located in Chicagoland, but travels internationally.